Thursday, January 26, 2012


Yeah so I have decided that I am tired of being out of shape... so to fix this I have started running... again.  I used to be a great runner.. could go for miles and miles... now? well now I can go some miles but not miles and miles.  I managed to do about 2.5 in 15 min... I am sort of ok with that time... I made it almost the whole way at one solid pace.  I slowed down once to tie my shoe and another to well just slow down.  On a completely different note I am soooo out of shape... oh wait that's the same note.  But seriously wow...  I am very disappointed in myself.  I am doing better than I did last year though I did a whole lap around the base which is one more lap than I did then.  I have decided no more excuses and to just bear down and do it.  I need to lose about 35lbs... and I will be doing a lot better.  oh well.. I guess I have criticized myself enough.  On a completely different topic. I don't think any amount of coffee could have gotten me ready for the shit show today.  We launched one aircraft fairly flawlessly, and then started getting the second one ready for a test flight.  We were up on the launcher and I went to start the engine and the propeller just unscrewed and fell off. Problem one... then we went and got another prop lug and put it on.. started the engine no issues.. then we let it run and the engine wouldn't warm up.. problem two... I decided to launch it anyway... problem 3... then after the launch the cold engine didn't warm up and then the heads up display was showing red lights where there should be green lights.. problem 4.  So I decided that we needed to land, and land now.. I tell the pilot to bring it down ASAP and he sends it to the landing plan.  Just as an Apache decided to cross our path against the wishes of myself and the air traffic controller... that would have been a really really bad day.... so we get lined up and land.. landing looked great... came in nice and straight.... and then it veered to the right... and started to go off the runway, which normally is no biggie.   Today however the guys next to us decided to pound some re bar right into the side of the runway which was kind enough to rip the wing right off of our plane... problem.. well I lost count, but bad day to say the least.  So on that note... I am going to go shower.. I stink.. and probably go eat some fatty snacks. lol  So have fun and farewell.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Well I haven't written in a little while, thought I would throw a few lines in here.  I guess I will explain the title of this one.  Its about 630pm and I saw a box of hot cocoa and thought wow its been forever since I have had that.  I heated the water and put in the cocoa.  I took a sip and it took me right back to my parents house when I was a kid and I would have buttered toast and hot cocoa for breakfast, it made me really home sick.  I think that I am getting burnt out being out here.  I have been deployed almost once a year for since 2007... I mean I love travelling, but this is getting old.  I guess I am really wanting to see new places but unfortunately that isn't where the money is.  I have been paying all kinds of stuff of out here which is fantastic.  The only thing I have left to pay off is the truck. Which I could technically do in the next month but then I would have no real money saved up by the time I get back in May... I have been offered to stay til September, which would let me save up a lot and have it all paid off... but if I do that I would want to stay til I have been here more than 330 days.  Because the tax free would be pretty nice.  After a quick look to the Googles it appears that I would need to be gone til Oct 4th.  So I need to ask my boss what the options are in order to do that if I decide to do that.

On another note it is supposed to snow tomorrow.  I am not sure that its going to actually snow, but I kind of hope it does.  I have been watching all the Facebook posts about the snow storms all over the country back home and makes me miss home too.  I am sad that my truck is in storage, because even if I pay it off I am probably going to have fix a lot of stuff when I get back... The tires will probably be flat, the damn thing probably won't start.  I have to get some warning lights checked out blah blah blah.... Oh well.  I have been sending out the resume again... Seems like I have been doing that quite a few times over the past few years... Well I don't think I have much else to write at the moment so I will leave you with that for now.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year?

Well here it is 2012.  The end of the world as we know it.  I have 2 months down 4 to go out here.  I guess I need to figure out my next move.  Do I stay with this company?  Do I move on to look for something new?  There are definitely things here that I don't particularly enjoy or agree with.  Unfortunately those won't change.  No matter how much I try to change them.  However the potential for future stuff is there, maybe not with this system but definitely with future programs.  I really don't think I want to move to Tucson though.  I am a true north westerner.  I enjoy the rain, the green and the mild weather.  I have spent enough time in dry desolate places.  I guess I will keep updating the resume to help me in further ventures.  Other than that I don't have much to say.  So Happy New Years and may we all make the best of it.