Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never Forget

9 Years.... Has it really been 9 years? It blows my mind how fast time goes by. I can totally remember where I was and what I was doing at the time of one of the most turmoltuous times in american history, but then again so can any other american that was of an age to be remembering such attrocities.
I was driving back to my house tonight as I watched the clock change to midnight and I saw the date change from 9/10/10 to 9/11/10 and I almost instantly had tears in my eyes. Becuase of that day my life was changed forever. Whether I realized it or not I had no idea what life had in store for me and still to this day really don't. I like most people have known someone, be it a loved one, family, friend, aquaintence or really just anyone in your life that has been affected by that day. I know I am not alone. Now while I didn't know anyone in the towers or pentagon or on any of the planes. I have lost friends, mentors, schoolmates etc. to the war that ensued becuase of that day. And it enfuriates me to see these people that protest and that take for granted the liberties that I gave up in order for them to do what they do. They have such a closed outlook on life that they really don't know what it is that they are protesting against. I know a lot of the people will say " I support the troops not the war" well its the troops that are in the war. Regardless of who you are for or against its these men and women who are out there everyday putting their life on the line. It was these men and women who had enough will power to step up and say "yes take me". The only thing that upsets me more than the everyday protesters is my fellow soldiers that refuse to fight.... especially the ones who have signed the line after 9-11... they knew full on what they were getting in to. It kills me to see these troops that think its the right idea only to back out last minute. To me that is worse than not sigining up at all... But enough of that... this day is to remember the thousands of united states citizens that have been lost in the past nine years. This day is to remember that no matter what those who have fallen were someones Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter...... they meant something to someone somewhere. And while I personally have know a few people lost to this war, there are far to many that I never got a chance to meet. I hope that regardless of your views on the world today that we can all take a moment to reflect on those true heros that are no longer with us.

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