Friday, July 29, 2011


Well since I have last written I have started working on a new job... my job? Dots... approximately 60 miles of dots... I haven't walked so much in one week... ever? I can't give particulars but I can give that I am sore. Even being a Green Beret I don't know that I have walked so much on a regular basis as I have for this job. But while I have found a job I don't particularly like I have found a nice young woman that I do like. The only problem is that she lives quite a ways away from where I do... like across the country... We are trying to figure out how to see each other more often, only problem is that we are two very busy people. So coordinating time off and weekends to get together is proving some what difficult. But we will figure it out I am sure. Anyways I am really sore and worn out and I think that pizza and beer will be in order for dinner tonight.

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