Monday, August 22, 2011

What to do....

So the last you've heard I was and am in the dot business... I can say with a passion I do not like it. Apparently after leading a fairly caution free life of doing stuff that some people would probably call dumb your body breaks down. I hurt.... my back, my feet, my knees... all of which stem from previous injuries brought on by something that I have hurt in the past. I don't like the job but on the same token the job keeps me stateside. I have a potential job offer to go back to Afghanistan to fly the UAV's again, if I get offered it there is a very good possibility that I will take it. Unfortunately for me I am dating a very awesome girl whom I know wouldn't be to keen on my being gone for six months at a time. Now normally in this situation I would either not be dating anyone or the person I was with I wouldn't really feel like I needed to get their input on the situation. But with her I do... and did. She seemed fairly supportive in the reasons I had for going, but I know that deep down she would really really rather I didn't go. Granted I am not saying that I am looking forward to the opportunity to frequent that country again, although last time I wasn't able to get that vacation property... maybe this time? Anyways I am quite torn, I care about her and I want to make her happy, but at the same time this job has a potential to grow into some thing quite lucrative if I approach it right which in the long run would be beneficial to both of us in the future. That's another thing, I haven't ever talked about the future when referring to a relationship..... I'm the first one to kibosh that. But I find it fun and exciting with her. I will be flying out to see her over the labor day weekend then I fly home and turn around and get back on a plane to Hawaii for 5 days for Effen Ben's wedding. This is going to be a very busy couple of weeks and not a lot of dots. Although that also means no money will be coming my way. We shall see what happens I suppose. I guess its time for me to go to bed. Maybe I can turn the brain off for a little while.

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