Saturday, January 21, 2012


Well I haven't written in a little while, thought I would throw a few lines in here.  I guess I will explain the title of this one.  Its about 630pm and I saw a box of hot cocoa and thought wow its been forever since I have had that.  I heated the water and put in the cocoa.  I took a sip and it took me right back to my parents house when I was a kid and I would have buttered toast and hot cocoa for breakfast, it made me really home sick.  I think that I am getting burnt out being out here.  I have been deployed almost once a year for since 2007... I mean I love travelling, but this is getting old.  I guess I am really wanting to see new places but unfortunately that isn't where the money is.  I have been paying all kinds of stuff of out here which is fantastic.  The only thing I have left to pay off is the truck. Which I could technically do in the next month but then I would have no real money saved up by the time I get back in May... I have been offered to stay til September, which would let me save up a lot and have it all paid off... but if I do that I would want to stay til I have been here more than 330 days.  Because the tax free would be pretty nice.  After a quick look to the Googles it appears that I would need to be gone til Oct 4th.  So I need to ask my boss what the options are in order to do that if I decide to do that.

On another note it is supposed to snow tomorrow.  I am not sure that its going to actually snow, but I kind of hope it does.  I have been watching all the Facebook posts about the snow storms all over the country back home and makes me miss home too.  I am sad that my truck is in storage, because even if I pay it off I am probably going to have fix a lot of stuff when I get back... The tires will probably be flat, the damn thing probably won't start.  I have to get some warning lights checked out blah blah blah.... Oh well.  I have been sending out the resume again... Seems like I have been doing that quite a few times over the past few years... Well I don't think I have much else to write at the moment so I will leave you with that for now.

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