Saturday, July 24, 2010

In Bama

So here I am in Mobile Alabama... I have spent a pretty much full day with the family and have had a great time. I woke up this morning and ran PT with the oldest son (Aaron). He is the, I believe Brigade Commander of the greater mobile area fro JROTC. Which is a pretty big deal, he is huge! Tall skinny and a spitting image of his father. I had a great time doing the PT with him. I was sweating pretty badly becuase of the humidity, but it was totally worth it. He and I went to breakfast at the Cracker Barrel and just had some good talk time. It was nice to be able to just talk to him, let him ask any questions he may have had about his father and to just let him talk. It really meant alot to me that he was able to do that and I know his father is very proud of him and everything he has become. Then we got back showered and ended up all of us going to a movie. It was pretty funny though slightly inapropriate for the youngest daughter (Rachel) but funny none the less. After dinner we got back to the house some slept, nappy time, which is great by the way. And the oldest daughter (Katie) and Aaron got ready for a friends party. Myself, Cyndi (widow) and Rachel all went out to a mexican food place for dinner. It was good, we just had a good time. Had a nice frozen margherita and some echiladas. Then we drove over to the grandparents house (Cyndi's parents) and had dessert. Some really good carrot cake and some chocolate chip cookies. We had some good conversation and eventually took off to go home. We were back here and Rachel went and was playing in her room, Cyndi and I had a glass or two of wine and just talked. She showed me some pictures of her and the SGM when they were first married and around the time they first met. So young and so in love, and the amazing similarities of Brad and his son around the same age are scary... I was pretty close to tears seeing that, and Cyndi was as well becuase I don't know that she realized till I said something just how similar they were. I am so glad I came here. All the nervousness and scared feelings are gone, I am full of happiness and appreciation for all the things they have and all the things they have been willing to share with me and to explore. I only hope that they can feel my appreciation and that they know no matter what I am going to do my best to help make their coping with the loss of their loved one easier.

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