Monday, July 26, 2010

Moss.... My new enemy!

Well today I told my mother I would go help her out by cleaning off the moss on her roof... if you didn't know her roof is huge! And well living in washington is all good it does happen to rain on occasion.... and that doesn't help with the moss problem. I got home last night and was talking to my roommate Aaron about it, he said I should get a harness and rope and stuff so I don't fall off and kill myself. The proud man in me said Pshhh, like I would fall. I have the reflexes of a cat. Well after thinking it over and remembering that the last time I was up there I fell off I decided to get a harness. Becuase I fell off last time I was 17 and nimble, still in the bouncy stage.... I am 30 now and I don't quite bounce as well even though I am rounder. Anyways I got down there around noon, was a little hungry so I had some cold fried chicken and home-made potatoe salad. After lunch I ventured up on the roof and set in the harness, alot easier than I thought it would be. Although the shingles were a little rotten on the top so I had to set in the anchor in a horizontal fashion. I had told my mom that she needed to get a hard bristled brush to get the moss off easier. Well she did and she got the super go go gadget brush handle. This thing was super long and impossible to work with. So we break out the pressure washer, well it was too strong and was chewing through the shingles. Well then we take off the pressure washer and put on the Nozzle, and that was too soft, so goldilocks tried the third bed and it was just right... oh wait wrong story. So I got down and went into the hardware store looking for new brushes... went to the wrong side first and was very distracted by the wrist rockets.... I almost bought one, but I thought about it and kinda realized I would never have a place to use it so I used what little will power I had and continued my search for the perfect brush.... I ended up doing a lap around the store. If I had just turned right upon going into the store I would have found them no problem... and my mom had acutally told me that, just goes to show I still don't listen to her. I found the brushes, and after looking through them all I have found the perfect brush! It swivels and turns in all different directions, and it has short strong bristles! How can it possibly be wrong? I am pretty sure I heard angles singing when I picked it up too. So I grabbed that brush and just in case I broke out the hose again I wanted a better nozzle. In my travles around the vast hardware store I remembered seeing a hose section so I trecked back to the green rubber wonderland. I found a twofer nozzle set, one was the kind with like a bagillion settings and the other was a trigger type adjustable nozzle, once again the angelic voices on high sang out as I picked up the item. Well I walked toward the counter and strangly made a sharp right hand turn just before the cash register and before I knew it I was staring face to face with the sling shots again. I once again had to tell myself it was a silly purchase and to just keep walking. I finally made it back to the check out. I paid for my items and had to explain to the nice ladies at the check out that my phone was not some strange space age object but a telephone. I get back to the house unwrapped my suprises, kinda sad that the sling shot wasn't a part of it. I then got up on the roof and began to scrape off the moss with the sweet new angelic brush..... after about five or so nice strong pushes with said broom the handle popped off and crushed my hopes and dreams. I put it back on and after about 5 or some more pushes it did it again....now its starting to make me mad. Well my mom was already planning on going and getting a new one becuase she didn't like this one either. So she left and I continued sweep for a few minutes and the brush head popped easier and easier enough to the pint that I just threw it off the roof in hopes of a small explosion or something. Well I had to wait for my mom to get back which took some time. When she finally did I got back up on the roof with the new brush which worked quite well... only by this time I was pretty tired and worn out from the sun. I got about a quarter of the way through and had to stop. I am going to go back in a couple days to finish the job. Well I got quite a sunburn today and I am sure I will be sore tomorrow.

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