Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mormanland the happiest place on earth?

So been a bit since I have wrtitten. I am in Salt Lake City right now. And it is just an interesting town... There are so many young families here, and while I don't know alot about the mormon relgion I do know that the are very family oriented so I guess that makes sense. There is also a ton of fit people here. Its not like seattle where you see big people all over. No its awkwardly skinny here. Although I have gone out the past couple nights and seen more big people at the clubs and bars than I did all day walking around the city. I went in to the mothership for the mormans too... well not all the way in. I don't think I am allowed to go inside but I did go to the Temple square. My friend Ruri and I have come to the conclusion that the reason the mormans were able to get so big out here was that they had a monopoly on the water supply. I have never seen so many fountains and small man made creeks in a desert ever. Also while walking around the temple square all the guides had little flags so they can see what languages each person talks. So really the whole I don't speak english wont cut it here. They will call your bluff. I am down here not to study the mormans but to do communications classes for the army. I did a network + class last week and it was like drinking water through a firehose. I was quite lost most of the week and really didn't expect to pass the test. Which I wasn't too worried about becuase I had another voucher to take the test. But amazingly I passed with the lowest possible score. So I don't need to take the test again. Kinda relieved about that. Next week should be easier I am actually working with radios so that should be easier. I am thinking that I am going to go to Park City today. I have never been before and I have heard good things about it. So we shall see what happens. Well I am going to lunch so enough for now.

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