Monday, December 19, 2011

Sick.... Tired... Slightly Irritated.

So here I sit in wonderful Afghanistan. Again. I am flying again which is good.  We spent the first week out here twiddling our thumbs which was ok I suppose.  We got a chance to get acclimated and feel things out. We have since started flying, which is great but the army doesn't know how to use us.  Although I have a feeling that is going to change soon.. I am ok with that too.  I am sick, yay?  Well its just a cold but its annoying to say the least.  Stuffy nose sore throat etc...  
On another note its almost Christmas, yet I don't really feel the holiday spirit.  I want to, I want to be happy and merry.  There are no lights no tree nothing to really remind me that its actually the holiday season.  I have been living vicariously through Facebook and what other people have been posting.  Which has sufficed for now.  I am going to miss family and friends as the next few weeks go by.  I want to be there with them.  Mostly family, they've had a rough go this year.  Between my sisters wreck and my grandma passing its been hard on my folks.  I know me being gone isn't helping any either.  Time is going by pretty fast but its still dragging when I look back at how long I have actually been out here.  I still technically have over 4 months.  Then there is the question of am I going to stay with this job?  Where am I going to go if I don't.  School? Work? What?  I don't know... I like this field of work I just don't think that the company I am with has the crap together enough for this system to last... I hope I am proven wrong.  I have come back three times to virtually the same stuff every time.  Bad planning, poor communication, and a product that just isn't quite there.  I don't have the answers to fix it, but even for me I can see that something needs to be fixed.  Well I will sit here and mouth breathe till my drugs kick in and ponder the next move... 

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