Thursday, February 16, 2012

Work? Really?

Well this is more of a vent than a post...
We had a little rough landing today.... and some of you may be saying wait didn't I just read about that? Why yes my readers you did... well it happened again.  Not as bad this time and I had nothing to do with it so that was good.  There was however a conference call with the guys back home and as the call was drawing to a close my flight lead back home tells us that pretty much no matter what I am not allowed to take manual control of the aircraft.... well lest see here when I got here my job was a lot harder. So I will give you a list of things.

  • Talk to the military to coordinate missions and brief capabilities of the platform- this was taken away from me almost immediately by our Liaison.  
    • I did continue to talk to the military and was again told to knock it off this time by my boss 
  • Call into the conference calls 3 times a week to give the people back home a status update on equipment, missions, etc....- this was taken away about a month ago.  I apparently was giving too much information... didn't realize that was a bad thing.  This task was passed on to another flight team member
  • Manually control/trim the aircraft during test flights to ensure the plane flies straight while under manual control... also take control during emergency procedures - taken away tonight.... apparently I am not allowed to do my job anymore.

These are the main things that have run up against a brick wall on.  I have apparently worked myself out of a job at this point.  Its just frustrating because I took this job mostly as a favor to a friend, and as a way to make some savings back into my account.  Well 3rd times a charm, I am going to finish my time out here and that will be all she wrote on this project.  I am tired of the BS, there have to be companies that run a better business than where I am at.  So yeah... I suppose I need to email my boss and find out exactly what it is I am allowed to do.  I mean I might not even be allowed to look at the aircraft sooner than later.  Whatever.  Guess its time for bed.  Good night 

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