Friday, April 13, 2012

Bloggity Blog Blog Blog....

Yeah so I really have nothing profound or interesting to talk about I don't think.  So I will talk.  I lost my "J" key on my keyboard yesterday and it's pretty much driving me insane.  So I have found my self trying to find other words that don't start with that letter... Its proving to be quite easy I suppose.  I am slowly counting the days til I come back to the states, its coming up pretty fast which is nice.  Granted I still don't know what I will be doing.  I have scheduled dates to go home, go to alabama and going back up to WA again to do a race.  I still need to buy my tickets for the Triathlon, and get a hotel, then I need to get back out there for my buddies wedding at the end of October.  So lots of small trips are planned, although I would like to take a nice trip overseas to somewhere not here.  Somewhere tropical, or that has a lot of history to it.  I have yet to travel through Europe I think that would be fun.  Or go to Australia, or.. well really anywhere and see the world.  I have a passport I may as well use it.  Now to find the employment that will allow me to do that.

The weather here is getting to that point in time where almost every day there are huge thunderstorms that come through and bring with them incredible lightning shows.  I got caught outside yesterday running to the chow hall and pretty much became a human lightning rod.  It was pretty cool.. granted I got soaked right before dinner, but it was still pretty cool to see.  It also likes to tease us with big ole clouds that surround us but none of them ever commit to coming at us.  We are in a pretty big geographical bowl here so things tend to skirt us a lot.  So really I guess what is really on my mind the most is getting home, seeing how things will play out and getting a pizza... I mean I have been craving a good pizza for quite sometime now.

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