Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Surprise!!!! Oh wait no..

So you have really got to be kidding me.  Although I am not surprised one bit but the transgressions that took place tonight... needless to say I am quite not happy.  I was asked to stay longer because apparently the wheel needed to be invented... again.  I guess what gets me is this isn't the first rodeo.. although they managed to fuck it up when the guys ahead of me left.. the had to postpone me leaving.. its like really? have we never heard of backwards planning?  For crying out loud.. I am glad I held off and left a buffer for my personal travel when I got home, because regardless of if they were going to reimburse my tickets.. it would have still thrown a wrench into other peoples plans as well.. Other people don't just get a random 10 days off.. and so by me making plans and then potentially getting them ruined would have sucked..
They gave me a choice to volunteer to stay.. yet they emailed the other people here and basically called me out.  Fucking not happy about that shit.  I can't be a dick and say no, well I could, but I want a good reference.. regardless this has just inspired me to really bear down and find a new job.  The favor to the friend is done.  I can't seem to get a straight answer as to how long I will actually have work for when I get back.. one person tells me til the end of the year another says til mid summer.  Regardless I doubt I will last through either of those dates.  I have CTFO, I just can't believe that this place has gone on as long as it has.... oh well... keep on keepin on I suppose.  On that note I have to be up in 4 1/2 hours.. so I suppose I should try to sleep.  Although blood pressure is still pretty high.. going to be a strong ass coffee day to morrow.

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