Monday, April 2, 2012

Short Timers in 3....2....1... go..

So I am sitting here today, surfing the interwebs and pretending to work and it dawns on me... I am not motivated right now.  I woke up I was still tired, I usually get up a couple hours before I need to do anything serious, and yet I just couldn't find the motivation to even really put on my shoes.  I mean I did and I went and did my job, but I have definitely fallen into the short timers trap.  I have less than a month left, I have a calendar that I am scratching the days off of.  I have been making travel plans for when I get home.  I have been looking for work yet there doesn't seem to be a lot of positive feed back on that front.  So there are a lot of mixed feelings going on around here.  I know I have work through at least mid June where I am currently, but I also know I don't want to live in Tucson... So that tells me that I need to get shit hot on finding a new job.  Oh well.
On another note I have been having very strange and vivid dreams lately.  Some strange and some not so good... which is strange because even after everything I never really had nightmares.. And for this stuff to pop up 5 years down the road? Well that is just strange, I have had more daytime wandering too.. I don't know why its happening... and its not to the point I am worried yet.  I should probably take some preventative steps though when I get home.  Seeing as I can't get medical care out here for anything and I doubt the VA has any claim out here... Oh well.  Well enough babbling for now.  I am sure I will write more as the days get closer.

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