Saturday, June 26, 2010

Faux Burgers..... bleh

Ok so I know that I am in afghanistan and i know that the food isn't going to be gourmet.... that being said, I really don't like veggie burgers or what ever the hell these things are. Iam pretty sure it used to be beef, or at least a meat based product. Now I just don't know. I eat one and within minutes I have crazy stomach cramps and cant stand the smell of myself. Unfortunatly for me i slept through lunch. We were up really early this morning and were flying through breakfast. So when I got back I was burning some stuff on to a disk and passed out face down on the bed for an hour or so. I woke up and it was well past lunch time, so I took my laundry in to get cleaned and went to what we affectionatly call the "Fat Shack". Which usually has a wide assortment of things not healthy... hence the nickname. I got a bacon cheese burger and fries.... they are seasoned, not like Red Robin Steak fries but they are better than normal fries. Although these had obviously been sitting out for a while. On the way there I saw the internet guru's and seeing as my internet had run out today i asked if they did a pro-rate for just a few days. They said yes.. So lucky me I will have the internet for the next few days for about a dollar a day. It was a nice little suprise. Its saturday afternoon and I leave my camp here in two and a half to three days, depending on flights out. I am ready to come home. Eat a fat steak and drink a beer.... although I think more than all of that I want some normal milk and cheese and some really good pizza. Kind of a dair freak, god forbid I become lactose intolerant. Well I at least feel sorry for everyone else around me becuase i will refuse to stop eating it. Well there really isnt' alot else going on in my life so I will sign off for now. Need to start strategizing with my suitcases as to how I am going to pack the most efficiently.

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