Thursday, June 24, 2010

She's goin down....

Well been a couple days since I posted anything. We have been busy, which is good. We have finally gotten integrated with the military... only took 3 months to do so. I think alot of that had to do with our military liason not quite doing his job. We had a sit down with him last week and told him how we were feeling as far as him not doing his job and that he should let us do more. Low and behold the next week we are doing stuff that is actually important. Its baby steps but its at least in the right direction. The unit we are working for is stoked to have us and the fact that they can sit up with us and watch our video and see our perspective on things really makes them happy.
On similar note a couple days ago we were flying and had two of our three aircraft flying at the same time. Well just as they were getting ready to land them one of the biggest sandstorms I have been through blew through... they were recording 70+ mph winds and sand all over the place. Amazingly enough both planes landed safely on the runway. Fast forward a few days and I was flying a mission today... beautiful day, hardly any clouds, no big winds, having the "perfect" day.... well until my warning lights started lighting up and heads up display was doing circles and loops, which is basicall a video game like look at what the plane is doing. It dropped about 1000 ft. in a matter of seconds.... destroyed... it was crazy. I really have no idea as to what happend, I did look at the sensor reading when we first started to look crazy and the winds up at altitude were posting 128 kts. Which is crazy fast and strong. If that is what it really was I must have found the worlds smalles tornado becuase the guys that were on the ground said that nothing seemed out of the ordinary... either the winds or one of the pigeons in the area (save that story other time) was getting its revenge on me. Not to mention that myself and this particular aircraft really didn't get along that well... I pretty much hated that plane. And I made sure to let it know all the time. So as much as I didn't like seeing us crash a plane I was really really happy it was that one. It had given us so many problems it was ridiculous, it spent more time on the table getting repaired than it did flying. Well enough for now. I think I am going to try and get a nap in. Been up since before I wanted to and had a fairly adrenaline filled day.

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