Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello Sleep? Yeah this is Brendan.... please come over

So I am sitting here on my bed... yes on my bed. I would love to be laying in my bed but I am wide awake. This has been my life for the past week or so... I can't seem to sleep longer than two to three hours at a time. Now I don't really know why that is but its really really frustrating. And this really doesn't help my over active mind.... I am sitting here trying to figure out what I want to do when i get home. I have all these grandiose plans but on the same token I don't know what I will be doing for a job when i get home. So I can't just up and spend all the money now can I? I need to find a place to live, I would love to buy a house. I need to fix the truck, I would love to put more stuff on the truck. I want to go out and visit friends on the East Coast, do I fly? I would love to drive, and if I drive would I take the truck at 10 MPG or the bike with less room to carry stuff.... These are just a few of the things floating around in my head at the moment.
On a different note. I am in the National Guard, I joined the guard becuase I really wanted a H.A.L.O slot... I made it halfway there. I am on a Freefall team, but I have not been around enough to get a school slot. I need to get together with my team when I get home. I feel like there is a plan but I just don't know what it is, which is a big reason I got off of active duty in the first place. And my Evil Kenevil stunts on the bike earlier today are really starting tighten up.... And I really have no one to blame but myself for being a dumbass. Well I think I have ranted enough.

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