Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

Well first let me say Happy Fathers Day.... while I am not yet a father (to my knowledge), i would like to express my thanks to those men who are. I was able to call my dad and talk to him for a little while which was nice. He was happy that I am coming home soon. I know that its been rough on him and the whole family me being gone all the time. But i am glad that he has been around to see it. I know he is proud of my accomplishments and that I have turned out ok. I know that I was a little difficult growing up and am probably the reason he went grey as early as he did. So in kind of a reflection for dad today I will tell a couple stories that will stick with me for the rest of my life. The first one being I have only seen my dad cry twice.... he is a true mans man. Works in the woods driving a log truck, putting in crazy long days up at 2-3 in the morning and at home by 5-6 at night just to provide for us, I have had a good life growing up. I don't think that I was ever without something that I needed/wanted (within reason). If you didn't know myself and my little sister were adopted, but even though I have known my whole life that I was I have never felt as though i was not loved as part of the biological family. My dad and his brother were adopted as well. Well back to my stories, only seen him cry twice..... even after he had a tree fall on his leg and he was in walking cast for quite a while I never heard/saw him cry. The day I graduated HS, my parents were toward the front row so i could look out and see them all... My mom, dad, sister and grandma. Sister was only 9 so she was doing her thing probably bored out of her skull wanting to go home and watch the Spice Girls Movie for the millionth time. My mom and grandma were both there smiling. And then I looked at my dad.... He was sitting there very stoic.... just watching taking in everything that was going on. He looked at me and I saw him brush his face. I didn't think anything of it at first... then after the ceremony I was saying goodbye to my classmates becuase I was leaving in 2 days unkown when I would see most if any again. And I went up to my dad he gave me a huge hug and he was choked up and .... crying. He said that he wanted me to know how proud he was of me.... I lost it. i was doing good up till that point but I started crying. I tear up now as I sit here typing, becuase it meant so much to hear that. And this was not too long after he was given the clear from the doctor after a bout with Melenoma, so it was really nice to hear that from him. The second story was when I dropped the bombshell that I had joined the army. I was 23 was at home for my birthday dinner over memorial day weekend 2003. I was scared shitless to tell them. Becuase at this point Afghanistan had been going on for almost 2 years and Iraq had just kicked off 2 months prior. We had just finished dinner and we were eating dessert, I said " I have something to tell you guys" I had the paperwork in my back pocket... for proof becuase I knew they wouldn't beleive me. I told them my mom was so upset she left the room and was crying. My sister ran up stairs crying she was 14 now as she ran upstairs she yelled to me "great now you are going to get shot and killed!". My dad sat there at the table mulling it over in his head... he didn't say anything for a few minutes.... he turned to me and said...." son, you know you could die right?" Yes..." you know you might have to kill someone right?" Yes.... well you have my blessing, I don't like it but I am damn proud of you for doing this.... I know it was hard for him and everyone but I have 3 deployments plus this contract under my belt and knock on wood I have made it home each time with a few close calls but I have come home none the less.
So I will end here today, but I have been thinking alot today and i just want you to know dad that I love you and am very thankful to have you as my father.

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